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“Some of the most memorable paths I've taken have been detours.” 

 Toni Sorenson

“Sometimes interesting paths create interesting people and sometimes interesting people create interesting paths!”


Mehmet Murat Ildan

 “How do you choose your paths? Who says you do?

Sometimes the path chooses you.” 

Dear guests of my website,

First of all, I hope that you are all in the best of health and spirit and that you got on my site just from curiosity. Nevertheless, if you are in need of help in regard with a health problem which belongs to my field of activity, I would be more than willing to help you.

I am fascinated by the word “PATH”, which has a large variety of meanings, being used to cover a wide range of expressions. I truly believe that any one has to find his own path, in an attempt to reach a goal in his/her life.  A way is more like a sign of orientation, or a kind of doing something, whilst a path sounds more like a commitment towards a goal.

I started to work as a maxillo-facial surgeon about 23 years ago and my only goal in my professional life was to spare no efforts to give the best of me to help the people in need. I learned, I made mistakes, I was successful, I was lucky…I laughed and I cried…I sat and prayed…I had hope and I gave hope. All these and many more, were my paths so far…at the end, there can be the ocean, the sky, the horizon, the hearts of the people we love, or the peace of mind.

I see my specialty very beautiful, difficult and complex as well. It takes a very long time to become a maxillo-facial surgeon. We must cover a very wide range of problems, from teeth to cancer and cranio-facial malformations, therefore we learn permanently, to improve ourselves and stay connected to the modern methods of diagnose and treatment. A good surgeon has to travel and learn from the more experienced. With perseverance, it will come the time when we will be in the position to pass our knowledge and skills to the others.

One should choose a path and be consequent.

As for me, I will never deny someone who will come to me in need of help.

With consideration,

Yours truly

Eduard Paraschivescu


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