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Dr Paraschivescu receives the Visiting Professor title

Dr. Eduard Paraschivescu is delivering a lecture to the students and young fellows of Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery in Vikarabad, Telangana.

On this occasion, he is awarded with Visiting Professor title by Prof. Dr. Srinivas Gosla Reddy.

On the same occasion, he receives from The Hyderabad Craniofacial Institute the title of Operating Consultant (medic chirurg primar operator), in sign of recognition for his performance across the time.



2005 was a peak in Dr. Paraschivescu’s professional and personal life. It was Prof. Hermann Sailer the one who decided to send Dr. Paraschivescu to India, for 5 months, to receive the proper intensive training in one of the biggest cleft centers in the whole world, the Hyderabad Cleft Center, in Hyderabad, the capital city of Andra Pradesh state, under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Dr. Med. Srinivas Gosla Reddy,Ph.D.

After a long trip, started in Zurich, via Bombay, arrives Dr. Paraschivescu in Hyderabad. For five months he was personal guest of Prof. Reddy who had no hesitation to treat him like a member of his family. He introduced Dr. Paraschivescu to the members of his family and invited him along to many family related ceremonies, thus opening him the door to the Indian culture.bDuring his first stay in India Dr. Paraschivescu has managed to befriend several local people as well as many guest from all over the world who were visiting Prof. Gosla’s unit.

The Romanian surgeon had the chance to assist the local surgeons in more than 350 cleft surgeries and operated himself more than 90 cleft cases. He was invited to participate, along with a few staff members, to a mission in Vizag, close to the Bay of Bengal, intended to screen and mobilize cleft patients from the remote areas of India. He experienced traveling by train in India, which was really amazing, and came to meet a bunch of beautiful, devoted people, from politicians to movie producers and owners of milk factories, all of them voluntarily involved in the cleft work. Dr. Paraschivescu has learned how people from these three different professional categories managed to identify and mobilize the cleft patients from the very remote villages. The politicians are very close to the people, whilst everyone in India consumes milk products and watches movies at the cinema. He attends a wonderful Cleft Conference, organized by Prof. Gosla and has the opportunity to meet several reputed maxillo-facial surgeon from all over the world. Some of them will become Dr. Paraschivescu’s good friends.

That first trip to India was followed by 8 other visits, of one month each, the purpose being to learn new techniques and consolidate the knowledge he had achieved already. A very solid bond has developed between Prof. Gosla Reddy and Dr. Paraschivescu and as a consequence, not only that Dr. Paraschivescu visited India every year ever since, but he managed to travel a number of times in Europe, just that he could meet his very good friend, even if for just a couple of hour or even minutes.

In 2012 was Dr. Paraschivescu invited speaker to one of the most important cleft meetings in the world, the ICLPF Conference, held in the Seychelles. On that occasion delivered Dr. Paraschivescu two lectures in front of a numerous audience, in the presence of many reputed colleagues from all over the world.

In 2014 managed Dr. Paraschivescu, with the great support from Prof. Eugen Boia, the head of the Emergency Pediatric Hospital in Timisoara, to organize, after many years, the first Cleft Conference and Workshop. The guests of honor, who attended the conference, delivered lectures and performed live surgeries, were Prof. Dr. Gosla Reddy, PhD, Prof. Dr. Stefaan Berge, PhD (head of the CMF Surgery Department, Radboud Hospital, Nijmegen, Holland), Prof. Dr. Leo SchulzeKool,PhD (head of the Interventional Radiology Department, Radboud Hospital, Nijmegen, Holland) and Prof. Dr. Anastassov,PhD (head of the CMF Surgery Department, Plovdiv, Bulgaria). Along with the reputed guests from abroad and from all over the country, has Dr. Paraschivescu delivered a lecture on secondary cleft repair.

As part of Dr. Paraschivescu’s philosophy of how to pass over the knowledge he has accumulated, invites him along to India three of his trainees, two of them twice, in order to give them the chance to be exposed to a very large number of cleft cases in a relative short time and gain experience and confidence.

The next visit to Hyderabad is planned for the month of March, 2017.


2009 was another very important moment in Dr. Paraschivescu’s life. It was one day, late in the night, when the phone rang. He expected the worse or to be a mistake, as no one calls that late in the night normally. At the other end was a very familiar voice : “Dr. Paraschivescu, Professor Sailer is speaking. Greetings from Africa”. It was a call to ask him if he would accept the challenge of setting up a cleft center, on behalf of the CCI (Cleft-Children International) – Prof. Sailer’s Foundation. The very next day he gave Prof. Sailer the positive answer and the preparations for the trip to Africa were started immediately.

Two months later, starts him the journey to Niger, Africa, via Zurich. He steps for the first time on the African continent, in Niamey, the capital city of Niger, the poorest country in the world at that moment. Along with the local oral surgeons, Dr. Mamane Kaka and Dr. Nadira Douda, starts Dr. Paraschivescu his one month mission in Africa.

Around 55 malformed patients, children and adults were screened. Out of them, only 35 were selected for surgery. The entire mission took place at the Lamorde Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Niger. The Romanian doctor managed quite rapidly to befriend a lot of people, managers, doctors, nurses and even patients and their relatives. All surgeries were carried out uneventfully and, one month after his arrival in Africa, everyone, doctors, nurses, patients, relatives, officials, is invited to talk to the press and be part of the group picture, as a sign of gratitude and friendship, across continents.


The organizers of this wonderful mission made possible for the Romanian doctor a visit to the National Park of Tahoua, where a large variety of wild birds and animals can be admired in their natural environment. He has the chance also to admire the families of giraffes in the Dosso Partial Reserve. He meets a few children who lived in cottages in the savanna, among giraffes and termitariums. Offering some coins to those children, learns Dr. Paraschivescu a lesson…that in some places on this planet, money worth nothing…instead, one of the local doctors gives the children  a few bottles of lemonade. The pictures of those children holding the juice bottles in their arms, like if they were extremely precious things, carries Dr. Paraschivescu every day in his soul.


At the arrival in Zurich receives Dr. Paraschivescu the award as “Ambassador of the CCI“, in recognition of his outstanding performance.

As a result of this one month visit to Niger, at Dr. Paraschivescu’s recommendation, three local doctors were sent to India, on behalf of the CCI, for intensive training in cleft management. In present, there are two CCI centers in Niger, one in Niamey and the other in Diffa, ready to provide the cleft children of Niger with professional care.

Three years later takes Dr. Paraschivescu the decision to travel one more time to Niger, this time on his own expenses, to work together with the colleague from the CURE Hospital, Dr. Jean Francois Negrini, an excellent general surgeon, who has established with his beautiful family in Niger, he and his wife devoting their life to the misfortunates. In two weeks manages him to examine and operate a number of 28 cleft cases, all surgeries being carried on successfully.

Niger remains deep engraved on Dr. Paraschivescu’s heart and calls him back now and again.

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